Tim Sheehy (kaijin) wrote in violetuk,
Tim Sheehy

Yoshiki/X-Japan News

X-Japan is holding concerts at the Tokyo Dome on March 28th and 30th. Tickets go on sale on February 24th. For more info visit J-rock revolution at http://www.jrockrevolution.com/

I.V. will be officially released on Itunes on January 23rd. Unlike Sex and Religion's test mix, it will have a wider release. According to J-rock Revolution, the following countries should see the release on Wednesday: Japan, Korea, America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Holland, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Swiss, Sweden, with Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong soon to follow. A clip from the PV has been posted on J-Rock Revolution, linked above.

Given that SAW 4 was already released via Region 5 dvd, and yesterday in Japan, it is likely that people will attempt to rip the song from the DVD release. If you are any sort of real fan, don't hesitate to purchase a legit copy of the song via Itunes as sales on there could secure future official releases in your respective countries.

Yoshiki is currently producing and providing some music for the film "Repo! The Genetic Opera". Despite the current writer strike, the movie is currently still scheduled to be released on April 25th. Filming began back in September, 07.
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