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X-Japan Concerts postponed indefinitely

"The recently reunited X Japan rock band has postponed its international tour indefinitely, as of June 8. This indefinite postponement affects the previously announced tour stops in Paris, France on July 5; Taipei, Taiwan on August 2; and New York City, United States on September 13. X Japan leader Yoshiki Hayashi's chronic herniated disc and tendinitis had worsened, so his doctors ordered him to stop his activities until further notice. As result, ticket sales for the world tour have been stopped.

Yoshiki's doctors advised him to wear a corset during his band's Tokyo Dome concerts on three consecutive nights in March, but he decided not to wear it. His chronic condition worsened during the May concerts that marked former X Japan member Hideto "Hide" Matsumoto's death. According to a party close to Yoshiki, the musician is recuperating at his Los Angeles home while noted doctors of Western and Eastern medicine attend to him. Another source says that Yoshiki received a deluge of requests to perform in other cities besides the three already announced, before news came of Yoshiki's worsening condition."

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translated via Anime News Network.

I'm sure this is all very disappointing news to us all. But you have to admit, Yoshiki has been pushing himself extremely hard this year. Let's all wish Yoshiki a speedy recovery!
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