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Violet UK

A Yoshiki Fan Club

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VioletUK - A Yoshiki Fan Club
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This community is dedicated to Hayashi Yoshiki, pianist and ex-drummer of X-Japan. He has many fans from around the world (live journal too) and this will be a place for them to talk and discuss various things relating to him, j-rock and his music/projects.

I haven't had many issues with users regarding the community, however we do have some rules to follow.

1. no flaming.
2. no trolling.
3. no fan-fiction (linking to outside sources is allowed)
4. If an image could be considered vulgar, too big (450x500 or bigger), semi-nude, or otherwise offensive to others, USE AN LJ-CUT and post the contents of the cut in the discription.
5. If an entry is too long (more than 6 paragraphs of 4 to 5 sentences in length) use an lj-cut. Others will appreciate it and respect you for it.
6. If a post doesn't adhere to the guidlines listed above, it'll likely be deleted. And users obviously flaming and trolling will be banned/removed from the community.


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